Rewards - Utility

IFNET was established on February 13, 2023, to generate passive revenue for the community. Simply holding IFNET in your wallet will earn you BUSD. IFNET is an open-source, totally decentralized platform that has been entirely originated, driven, and developed by the community. With a total quantity of 57,000,000,000 tokens and almost half of them locked after launch, the current circulating supply is 32,000,000,000 tokens. The more IFNET you own, the more BUSD you'll get. Investors will be paid in BUSD for every transaction.

IFNET Dashboard

We are launching a state-of-the-art earnings management dashboard where you can see details such as the total amount of BUSD paid to the community, when the next reward payment will take place, etc.

IFNET Calculator

You have the ability to calculate your earnings based on the daily transaction volume. You have the power to edit the daily volume and number of tokens held to predict what your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual earnings would be based on a particular set of values.

Inter Swap

For the convenience of our community members, we will offer a live decentralized swap directly on our website.

Inter Wallet

One of the most exciting features from our roadmap is currently in the development phase.

Inter NFT Marketplace

Our NFT marketplace will allow users to mint and buy/auction their own NFTs.

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