Vision and Values

Crypto is an ever-growing market that keeps on extending its reach every day. Blockchain, the core technology behind it, has the potential to disrupt almost every industry, the social aspect of our lives, by simply facilitating how we exchange information and value. Simply put, blockchain can change the world at the same scale as the internet did in the late 90s.

Today, blockchain already allows us to pay, lend/borrow, store untampered information, organize as democratic groups (DAO), and prove ownership of physical/virtual goods... This list keeps on growing every day, and nobody can predict where and if it will stop.

Comparably to the internet in its early phase, blockchain is a raw, complicated technology that has a steep learning curve. During the last decade, we saw adoption from the tech-savvy people, followed by financial aficionados and institutions, and now from early adopters. If crypto wants to become a technology as successful as the internet, it must now onboard everyday users. This challenge can be tackled by focusing on two aspects: offering ease of use and premium customer service.

This conclusion is exactly what motivated Inter Finance team to cofound Inter Finance Network. Today, users can buy/sell cryptocurrency thanks to the diversity of exchanges operating on the market. However, none of them combine a set of easy-to-use tools and premium customer service. ambition is to fill this gap, by granting access to anyone, regardless of his level of expertise, to a comprehensive set of tools while relying on premium customer service. A perfect analogy would be to compare blockchain with a car engine. Nowadays, billions of drivers use a car, but do they all understand perfectly how an engine works? To interact with it, they used a simplified interface, and if something goes wrong, they rely on technicians. The same goes for crypto: blockchain technology is quite complex, but if users are offered simple ways of interacting with it along with proper customer care, they will be able to take full advantage of it.

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